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Choosing to have a different experience

What coaching offers is to have someone reflect to you your blindspots.

One of my coachees, a team leader, had become increasingly frustrated about her contributions not being acknowledged.

So much so that it made her doubt her capabilities.

She felt the need to constantly prove her worth, highlight her achievements and sometimes express the anger that she felt.

Drastic measures like interviewing for another job brought her no closer to resolving the discomfort.

I helped her see that she was trying to resolve her situation at the level of her problem.

Rather than be pulled forward by a positive vision, she had trapped herself into stagnation by fixating on her frustration and playing games to resolve that.

She could have spent the rest of the year and even longer digging a deeper hole for herself.

Instead, she left our session future-focussed, armed with a higher-level solution than she had originally hoped to find.

A coaching conversation has the power to turn your life around.

But it starts with taking the first step: choosing to have a different experience.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to book a no-obligation Zoom call with me so we can discuss working together.

Enrolment is open until the end of the day on Sunday October 15th.


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