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From the Honeycomb Podcast: Redefining Success: Empowering Women in Leadership with Ishwariya Rajamohan

I enjoyed recording my recent interview on the From the Honeycomb Podcast by host Katerina Burianova, whose podcast is a curation of eclectic topics related to the practice of architecture. Here is a summary of our conversation:

"Ishwariya shares how her transition from architecture to the culinary world set the stage for her to establish a coaching program aimed at empowering women in leadership roles, particularly in architecture and hospitality. 

Ishwariya discusses the unique challenges women face in majority male industries, offering strategies to navigate these environments confidently. Her own experiences of taking risks, moving countries, and changing careers have equipped her with the tools to teach other women to embrace confidence and take decisive steps in their careers, whether overcoming self-doubt or aiming for promotions.

The conversation delves into generational shifts in the workplace, contrasting the more masculine energy of the 80s and 90s with today's generation, which embraces feminine qualities like vulnerability and collaboration. Ishwariya emphasizes the importance of recognizing and advocating for one's value within a firm, beyond just monetary contributions. She stresses the significance of both hard and soft skills and how embracing challenges at every career level should be viewed as opportunities for growth despite the inherent fears."


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