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Move quickly through a challenge/Take that next step towards a goal 

Are you frustrated by a challenge that you know you should tackle, but never get round to doing it? Or have you found yourself at crossroads, overwhelmed by the big career decision you have to make? Do you have a goal or even a conversation that you know you should set up, but always put off taking the first steps, whether that is:

  • negotiating a pay rise

  • requesting flexibility in your work schedule

  • speaking up about how you are being treated

  • giving honest feedback to someone

When you do not address something in your life, it affects your whole life energetically; 'stuckness' in one area affects the flow in other areas. It might not be apparent, but this also chips away at your self-esteem and self-worth on an energetic level, when you put off doing what you know you need to do.

I help you work through your resistance and take that first step

The Momentum Session is a 60-minute online coaching session where you bring one particular issue to the table. It is designed to realign you towards your goals and and what you are truly capable of. You no longer waste time, energy or effort on the wrong things, but instead, move through ‘stuckness’, take action and move towards your full potential through gaining quick momentum.

The investment is £250 and you can book your session at a suitable date and time below.

Why wait any longer? Book a Momentum Session today and get back on track

Any questions? Let's chat.

"Ishoo is a coach magician. I really felt seen and heard during our session." 
- Jane C., London

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