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Work 1-1 with Ishoo
  • Do you feel like you have next to no energy for those you love, after a long day at work?

  • Do you push yourself beyond your limits to do things for other people, then struggle to do things for yourself?

  • Do you feel like you are pushed and pulled in all directions by life?

  • Do you feel like you have no time to do the things that make you feel alive?

  • Do you feel like you are simply going through the motions from one day to the next?

The term 'work life balance' implies that your days have to be neatly divided (8 hours for work, 8 hours for social connection and 8 hours for sleep). But if you are an entrepreneur or work in a demanding profession, your schedule  more than likely does not offer you the opportunities to fulfil that ideal of work life balance. 

What you really need now

Of course, when you offer a service or work in a demanding profession, your natural inclination is to rush to fulfil the needs of others before your own. Therefore, your awareness is seldom focused on yourself or what you need in the moment. While staying in constant response mode, you might not necessarily be grounded enough moment-to-moment, which makes it harder for you to maintain your boundaries. You never fully process the stress or overwhelm, a process I call rebalancing, but continue to hold onto it after the work day ends. And this makes a balanced life all the more elusive.

What you need is a deeper awareness of how you are giving your power away or mismanaging your energy. This clarity comes easily when you are grounded, and this helps you successfully maintain boundaries between your energy and those around you. Rebalancing is nothing more than a process to help you ground yourself moment-to-moment and stay grounded, no matter what you encounter throughout your day. 

What rebalancing allows you to enjoy

  • More time and energy for the people and activities that matter to you

  • Meaningful connections with loved ones

  • Better quality of rest and relaxation without the spillover of work stress into your personal time

  • Increased productivity and performance at work

  • Thriving at the work or career you love without experiencing burnout

How I can help you

Now rebalancing is not a complicated process. You can access an infinite number of wellbeing tools that help you get back to that balanced state. You choose the flavour you want - yoga, kickboxing, mindfulness, singing, or walking in nature like I do. But the challenge comes when you get off the yoga mat or get back into the real world. Instantly you lose your grounding, step into response mode and the cycle repeats itself.


This is where I can help you ground your precious energy, so you can use it in a way that benefits not just your wellbeing, but your work. Through my coaching, I help my clients rebalance themselves from moment-to-moment. So they have more healthy relationships with their work. And lead more fulfilled lives that feel balanced to them.

I believe that rebalancing is the key to everything you want - whether that is business or career success, or just a healthy body and peace of mind. My clients have set up their own businesses, restarted fitness programmes and abandoned hobbies, taken long-overdue time-off, transitioned to part-time work, kept burnout at bay and taken on bigger roles in their careers than they were previously capable of.

How it works

Coaching is nothing but a series of conversations: Over the course of three months, we take a look at your current circumstances and how you manage your energy currently. We get clear on what is not working right now, why, and how you can rebalance yourself, so you can get where you want to be instead. Coaching sessions run fortnightly, with email support from me in between sessions. 

Ready to build a more fulfilling life on your terms?

Your next step is to book a 30-minute free coaching assessment call with me. Let's get clear on your challenges and aspirations and determine whether coaching is the right fit for you now.


Questions? You can get in touch via email if you have any questions about the call.

"Working with Ishoo was a pleasure. I deeply appreciated her honesty, kindness and patience. During times where I would become worried, Ishoo would gently guide my focus back to the bigger picture. Her helpful reminders of my bigger vision provided me with calm. I am thankful to have worked with her”
– Monique B., Los Angeles




Overcome a persistent challenge/Move from inaction towards your goal

Are you frustrated by a challenge that you know you should tackle, but never get round to doing it? Do you have a goal or project that you know you should start, but always put off taking the first steps?

When you do not address something in your life, it affects your whole life energetically; 'stuckness' in one area affects the flow in other areas. It might not be apparent, but this also chips away at your self-esteem and self-worth on an energetic level, when you put off doing what you know you need to do.

All you need is gentle guidance to motivate you to take that first step

The Momentum Session is an hour-long coaching session where you bring one particular issue to the table. It is designed to realign you towards your goal and and what you are truly capable of. You no longer waste time, energy or effort on the wrong things, but instead, move through ‘stuckness’, take action and move towards your full potential. 

Why wait any longer? Book a Momentum Session today

Session duration: 1 hour, via Zoom

Pricing: £250

Questions? Let's chat.

"Ishoo is a coach magician. I really felt seen and heard during our session." 
- Jane C., London

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