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Increase gender equity and the representation of women in your leadership

The problem

As an organisation with a commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), you are invested in supporting the careers of the brilliant women that you have identified as suitable for mid-level or senior leadership on your team. However well-meaning, this intention might be met by a number of challenges that the women themselves experience, such as:

  • struggling to put themselves forward for a promotion, leading to feelings of stagnation and demotivation

  • lacking in the confidence needed to take up space and assert their leadership when delivering a project

  • experiencing imposter syndrome and overwhelm when offered a promotion, impacting their ability to settle successfully into their new role

  • denying rather than accepting opportunities for progression, fearing how this would upset the already delicate balance between their work and personal lives

The solution

Ishoo Rajamohan Coaching can partner with your organisation to tailor and deliver leadership development coaching programmes for women that inspire, equip and empower them with the confidence, skills and knowhow needed to thrive in and navigate the challenges that they encounter when working in male-dominated environments and industries. Outcomes can include:

  • empowering the women on your team to thrive in roles that challenge and fulfil them

  • ensuring that they avoid burnout through practising key skills such as delegation and negotiation in order to sustain their effectiveness and productivity

  • retaining your female employees through supporting their timely career progression

  • helping them build their confidence and assert their leadership following a promotion 

  • supporting them in communicating better with their teams and external stakeholders

"I came to Ishwariya with a challenging work situation, and have a lot more clarity and confidence on actions and next steps now. I valued her insightful approached, and the way I was pushed out my comfort zone to unlock answers within myself. Thank you!"

- Coachee, Perlego

About Ishwariya

​Ishwariya Rajamohan FRSA is a former architect and pastry chef, now a certified coach and educator practicing in London, working with clients from across the globe. Through coaching and teaching workshops she supports female leaders with building the confidence to take the next step in their careers: something that is not easy for women to reveal when working in male-dominated environments, owing to the immense pressure they face to ‘look the part’. 


Ishwariya is accredited with the Association for Coaching (UK) and is also a Mental Health First Aider. She trained as an architect in India before completing a Master’s degree in Environmental Design in the UK. She also holds a Diploma in Intermediate Pâtisserie from Le Cordon Bleu London and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. 

Contact Ishwariya today to discuss the design of a Leadership Development Programme for your team.

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"Ishoo helped me carve out my next steps into achieving my goal. She is a great listener and I felt comfortable during my whole session. She helped challenge my doubts and thought processes positively. I feel very energized and motivated after my session."

 - Coachee, Oddbox

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