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When you make decisions from fear of missing out or losing out on something, you only end up losing yourself.

This is something that we have to be cautious about as women - especially as our opportunities are often so hard fought and won.

Right from the outset we are fed with instructions about how to be and what to do, reinforcing the message that we have one shot to get it right.

We are led to believe in some strange scarcity that exists out there in the world: that we need to take what we get.

But when you bypass yourself and your needs, others around you will not honour this either.

And that internal trust - such a key component of what makes you feel confident - ends up being eroded.

On the other hand, when you make the time to be clear on your values, needs and intentions before stepping into a commitment (which is a big part of working with a coach), the right opportunities somehow find you, because you can now articulate what that looks like with confidence.


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