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Become a world-class leader

Sharing some powerful insights from Steven Siebold:

"Amateur thinkers make lousy leaders because they operate out of a fear-based consciousness. Fear-based leaders succumb to politics and pressure, which cripples their ability to lead. Professional thinkers operate out of love and abundance and fearlessly lead their people to become more than they ever believed possible."

The world-class leader is neither dictator nor baby sitter. Sometimes that means being unpopular and pushing people beyond their comfort zones, and other times it means being there for a team member who has hit rock bottom."

Everyone wants to be a manager, win the perks and privileges that comes with the title and settle for that. Your real goal has to be becoming a leader, which calls for something shining from within you: something that draws in the people that you lead.

That is the difference between you hoping or hustling for a promotion, and being singled out for one right when you walk through the door. Simply because you exude the qualities that 'speak' potential.

And this does not come without you working on yourself. I have had the fortune of working with more than one world-class leader and I know how much of their time, money, and energy they invest into developing themselves.

One thing is to develop your craft, and that is what is commonly packaged as CPD. But it is completely different thing to work on yourself. I encourage you to do the same.

That is what I personally spend most of my resources on. Not because I am in the business of personal development, but when I work on myself, I can hold my clients to a higher standard, which means that they can makes leaps that they never dared to hope for.

Set yourself up for success!


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