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Coaching for women in leadership

LAUNCHING THIS WEEK: My coaching programme for women in leadership who are ready for that next step in their career or business.

What I have learned from supporting women from multiple industries over the past two years is that your next step will be not so much an event (winning a promotion or a new client), but a journey.

My coachees have hired me at various stages:

- Losing touch with their purpose and trying to figure out what’s next

- Getting clarity on that next step and finding the inner confidence to reach for it

- Achieving their goal, and struggling with the steep learning curve

- Growing into their next level, and dealing with challenges during that transition

And I have loved every moment of creating a container for them to move through that journey at their own pace.

Sometimes I am gently leading them in testing new ways of being and doing. Other times it’s a firm push when they are acting out of alignment with what they are truly capable of.

My goal for you is to not just land that new title or opportunity, but to fully own it. Which is why I work with you until that takes place.

The transformations I have witnessed have been remarkable - often even in the middle of a coaching session.

So you can imagine how much I love this work, and why I cannot wait to support more women on this journey.

Interested? Let me know what you would like support with and we can take it from there.

Deadline to book a call with me: Sunday 15th October


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