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Dealing with personal challenges alongside work

The concept of work life spillover forces you to acknowledge how difficulties in your personal life can impact your work. Here are a few things that I learned from experiencing a recent family bereavement and navigating that event alongside my work:

- You might want to (or sometimes have to) postpone dealing with that challenge.

- But you will have to address it eventually: You get to a point where it takes a lot of your energy to keep going as normal. You are also then less effective in your professional life. I encourage you to make the time and space to address the issue, as best as you can.

- Not everyone will understand your situation: But that does not mean you are not supported. Quite often others might not know how to support you until you communicate your needs clearly.

- You need to feel seen: More than anything, being witnessed for what you are going through brings great relief. Do not hesitate to reach out to others for support.

- Be kind to yourself: Most of us are ambitious about our work. So a personal challenge can translate into a professional setback. But the truth is that to do good work, you have to bring your whole self to your craft. Resolving your personal challenge only benefits your career.

I hope this has been of value to you!

If I can help you navigate a difficulty in your personal life alongside working in a demanding profession or running a business, please get in touch.


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