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Look up!

Two scenarios:

  • You are newly promoted, but struggle to assert your leadership and you are spending more time on the delivery alongside with your team, rather than delegating and supporting them.

  • Maybe you are a seasoned leader, but are so caught up in the day-to-day of managing your team that you cannot express the visionary qualities that make other senior leaders stand out.

This is something I come across often in very capable women who are the ones that others relies on to get this done. 

You can end up feeling stagnant and frustrated when they do not support you with the change that you are craving.

You deserve not just to be acknowledged for your work, but also to get to see other sides of your potential so that you can experience the growth that you are yearning for right now.

What you need right now is a just a little encouragement and support to step out of what you know and do so well. 

If that was easy, I know you would do it. However, it is also very scary for you to let go of your comfort zone, even when you feel trapped and confined by it.

If this is you, I can support you in getting out of these limiting ways of being.

This week I opened enrolment for my coaching programme supporting female leaders going through similar challenges as you. 

I invite you to book a confidential call with me so we can discuss this further:


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