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Momentum in your career

Open for enrolment 18-27th May: my coaching programme for female leaders who want to take the next step in their career. 

This is for you if you have been patiently waiting your turn to be presented the perfect opportunity for career progression. But no one seems to have noticed and nothing seems to be happening.

You are feeling frustrated and stagnant, unseen and unrecognised, hardly learning or growing as much as you would like to.

You are very sure about what this next step should look like and feel like, but you feel somewhat powerless in bring this dream to life when you lack the power to make the decisions.

There is also this fear that you are being bypassed for others on your team whose stars are shining brighter.

One thing is clear: that something has to change for you this summer because your own motivation is flagging and you cannot continue to work this way when you know you have so much more to give.

What you need right now is the confidence and a clear plan to pull this through, and this is something that I can support you with over the coming months.

Interested? Then let’s have an initial conversation:

The deadline to book your call with me is Monday the 27th, when enrolment closes.


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