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Not going it all alone

Stories shared by panellists at RIBA’s Addressing Gender Inequity in the Built Environment event highlighted what we are all conscious of: how much still needs to change for women in our sector. So often women have to deal with negative experiences more or less by themselves - finding resilience, seeking alternative opportunities, making tough choices and finding ways to navigate the challenging realities they encounter on their career journeys. And this is alongside delivering the work that they have been employed to do, and pursing their professional and personal development.

Who could we be if we did not have to deal with the obstacles and setbacks that we currently do?

My message for any women reading this is to not face those challenges on your own. There are so many more ways to find community than when I started my career as an architect: groups both online and offline where you can be seen, heard and acknowledged, and even share things anonymously. And quite often you learn that you are not alone in what you are going through, but also find access to solutions or new perspectives that someone else has found useful.

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