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Others seem to be getting ahead

Comparison is not only, as Theodore Roosevelt said, the thief of joy, but it also leads you to feel highly disempowered. 

This is something I often hear from the women I coach: that they worry about being overlooked for a promotion and that others seem to be getting ahead instead.

If you are already feeling somewhat stagnant in your career, then this can compound that feeling because you are conscious of a lack of opportunities for growth.

The bigger problem here is not so much that it might be someone else’s turn to shine. 

But in how you weigh up their success (both current and future) against yours.

So what you really need right now is a strategy that serves to bring some momentum into your career and rebuild your confidence in your capabilities.

Can I help you get there? 

My coaching programme is designed to support female leaders with this exact same solution, so that they can once again feel in control of their career progression.

If this is something you would like support with, then please book a confidential call with me before enrolment closes on the 27th of May:

I look forward to hearing from you.


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