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Step into your role fully

You have your first opportunity to lead a team.

A chance to really make a difference and an impact on those who work with you.

You want their experience to be different from what you have endured.

Which means you are approachable and always there for them to reach out to.

But you struggle with knowing how and where to set boundaries. So effectively, you are working 24×7.

Doing all the heavy lifting means means that your ambitions for the team take a back seat.

Which makes you sometimes resent having to be the one who has the answers.

You wish that they would just step into their roles properly, taking some of the pressure off of you.

But the truth here is that you are the one that has to step into your role fully, owning your leadership.

This comes with setting boundaries, but this is not easy when you cannot cross the line from being part of the team to being the one that directs their destiny.

Can I help you with that? Book a 30-minute call with me.


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