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What exactly is self-esteem

Take a chance on yourself.

Listen to those inner nudges and trust that they are presenting to you the best way forward.

The teacher Caroline Myss identifies this quality as self-esteem: trusting that inner voice and what it is saying to you, over your mental perception of the outside world.

Being able to partner in this way with your own intuition is what actually defines your level of success.

Those who play the game at the highest level in any field have developed their edge thanks to this quality.

When you allow yourself to be guided, you might not know exactly how to proceed with an instruction, and this is where you can get the support of a coach, or where more appropriate, another professional to help you find your way.

Taking small steps in the right direction then brings you more insights on what to do next. 

And repeating this cycle brings you self-esteem: that inner confidence that you can handle or face any situation, or make anything happen.


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