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Your relationship with responsibility

If you have landed a new role and your responsibilities suddenly feel overwhelming, you are not alone.

I have previously coached women who have had that same experience and you might be surprised to learn what I found at the heart of the matter.

That it often had less to do with their capabilities than their relationship to responsibility.

Now, I do not know what might be true for your situation. 

But I do know that I can help you put into perspective the pressure you might be feeling.

So you can handle it in a more healthy way.

So your headspace is not taken up by second-guessing every word you speak or type.

And every problem that crops up is not daunting but an opportunity to learn and grow.

Your optimism returns, and you can see how that is positively impacting your team and your projects.

This week I am opening up enrolment for my coaching programme supporting female leaders struggling with overwhelm in a new project or role. 

If you would like to find out how I can support you, let’s have a conversation. Book a call before the 20th of March:


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