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Fear, love and confidence

I ran a webinar for female leaders on Monday, prompted by requests for coaching from a number of female leaders who had landed their 'next-level' opportunity, but suddenly felt a lack of confidence.

Which is not uncommon - every one of us feels like an imposter when stepping into that next level.

And if you work in a male-dominated industry there might not always be enough support to help you grow, but immense pressure for you to live up to the opportunities you are given.

The thing is, your first impulse in this situation would be to prove yourself and your worth. But you get stuck in a loop meeting mostly other people's expectations, far from bringing to life your own vision for your leadership and your team.

This is a simple framework that helps you not just address this, but transcend the status quo.

When you are connected to your vision of what it is you want to accomplish, you rise above those fears, those insecurities that ebb away your confidence.

Of course, embodying this framework is easier said than done. Which is why I work with female leaders 1-1.


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