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Getting everyone on board

Perhaps this is where you are: you are a female leader who not so long ago landed a great opportunity to lead a team.

But you are struggling with the feeling that you do not have everyone on board with your leadership. That uneasiness prevails in your work, and also carries through to your personal life, where you are not able to really be there for those close to you.

And this plays out in other ways - you are giving mixed messages in your communication and you know you are doing things without conviction.

Which is not earning anyone's trust.

Here is the thing: you might not be fully confident in what you bring to the table as a leader. You are expecting others to reflect that to you. But that is putting the burden on them, but not resulting in you getting that outcome.

Moreover, you are then not fully focussed on what you want to achieve in this role.

If this is you, I can support you in finding that confidence and self-trust in yourself again. But this is not a quick fix.

It requires deep work.

And if you are willing to do it, let's find a better way forward for you.

So that you can lead with an assertiveness and purposefulness that gets everyone supporting you.

The link to book a free Game Plan Call with me is:

What are you waiting for?


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