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No need for guilt

We have all heard the warning about not pouring from an empty cup, but our very human selves cannot help thinking about others. This is very much true for those working in service professions or those that are caregivers - people who are extremely attuned to the needs of those around them.

When you get to spend so little time with your loved ones, it is natural for you to feel guilty about prioritising your own self-care. Sometimes you need to also set boundaries with others on your team. So that you are not drained from being the one supporting them all day long, even during your time off.

But today I want to remind you that you need not feel that guilt for doing what you need to do to take care of yourself. What will help you is putting some structures in place that allow for both your self-care and your other commitments in your personal time. You might even need to make arrangements with your workplace to facilitate that.

If you need some support with this, get in touch. I can help you find practical solutions so that you can own your need for self-care without the guilt.

And then you have presence, attention and energy to give to those you love. Or you can show up as a better leader for your team.

How does that sound?

You can book a free coaching assessment call with me here:


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