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Only seeing the dark

Text reads: "Thank you for lifting  me up. I could only see  the dark and now I can also see the light."

Working with women in male-dominated industries, I am seeing a pattern in how a challenge like your confidence at work can have an impact on your wellbeing in your personal life.

But it can also happen the other way around.

I recently worked with a coachee who had experienced a big challenge in her personal life, affecting her sense of self and her confidence in her capabilities at work.

It was so easy for her to make the circumstances she faced mean something about who she was as a person.

She became very aware of her limitations, her mistakes, the wrong path she had taken.

And yet, within a few minutes of working with her, I could see how brilliantly resourceful she was in running her own business.

When I reflected that to her, that little change in perspective did wonders for her confidence.

Which is why I am looking to work with women who are also finding confidence a challenge at this moment in their lives.

Whether you want to build up the courage to ask for a promotion, or speak up about how you are being treated, or even assert your leadership and the values you stand for.

If this is you, then please book a call with me and we can take it from there.


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