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Supporting female leaders

I know this to be true from working with a number of female leaders.

Somewhere along their journey, your confidence has taken a hit.

From the outside, others cannot tell - not only because of how capable you are, but also because you face a lot of pressure to appear invulnerable. Which is the norm particularly in male-dominated industries.

And when you finally land or create that big opportunity you felt ready for, the self-doubt creeps in. Or maybe the lack of confidence has kept you from reaching for this next step in your career.

Maybe your work environment is to blame: without fully acknowledging your brilliance or ever giving you due credit for the many obstacles you have had to conquer.

And quite often the support has just not been there, helping you navigate the challenges that come with leadership.

So you feel anxious about blowing this opportunity.

That you might never 'make it'.

That others might see right through you: that you are not the leader you thought you could be.

But you know what they say.

Confidence is an inside job.

Every one of us feels like an imposter when faced with an opportunity for growth.

The key for you is to acknowledge this, and to take the steps to rebuild your confidence.

This is not always easy to do, without the help of someone who can both see where you are and also see your potential, helping you get to where you want to.

If you are a female leader who resonates with this, book a call with me and let's determine if working together is a good fit.


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