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What season are you in?

What season are you in?

We are so accustomed to how seasonality shapes our work.

You know to expect quiet or busy days in the week, and sometimes months in the year.

During quiet times you might be doing less critical work, which nevertheless still holds a certain value.

Like all of Nature, our lives also follow certain rhythms. But we do not always respect that.

We expect our bodies and minds to function like machines, 24x7x365.

The above testimonial is from a coachee who wanted to review her goals for the year: she was concerned about losing momentum in a year that she started so well.

She also described an intense personal challenge she was going through.

Which meant that she had little to no energy for her goals, beyond persisting with her core responsibilities at work and in her personal life. The rest of the time she spent dealing with the overwhelm of what she was going through.

Which, to her, did not sound like work.

Understandable, because no one would pay you to do that. But that does not mean it is any less valuable than 'real work'. However, there can be costly consequences to not addressing your personal challenges.

I helped her see just how much 'work' she was actually doing.

Taking time to process the fears from the things out of her control will clear up much-needed energetic space: for when she is ready to march to a different rhythm.

And ensure she can fulfil all her responsibilities for now. Isn't that a worthy goal too, particularly given what she was going through?

I support female leaders with overcoming their challenges and achieving their goals for themselves and their teams.

If you also find yourself at crossroads in your life, book a call with me so I can support you with finding a solution.


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