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You are disrupting the status quo

Text reads: "Disrupting the status quo." Ishoo Rajamohan Coaching

If you are a female leader in a male-dominated industry, you probably have experienced some of this: - Not having your viewpoint seen and heard - Being passed over for opportunities - Not having your authority respected - Not being appreciated or acknowledged for your achievements Having gone through these things myself, I know your tendency will be to rise above it, because you have to keep going when all eyes are on you and your performance. But on the inside, it still hurts. In a way, I am not surprised that we have to go through this as women. Every day you show up at work, you are disrupting the status quo in a way. Others not acknowledging you is a way of not giving you a share of the power. But what do you make that mean about you?

More so, how does this impact your actions, your communication with others and your thoughts about yourself? Because that is the thing you have to watch out for. This is what I help my coaching clients work through, so that none of the negativity they encounter gets in the way of their brilliance, their qualities and their talents. If you want to explore how I can support you, then book a call with me and we can take it from there.


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