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Your relationship with rest

Today I invite you to take a look at your own relationship with rest.

Many of us can relate to having days off that come with their own rigid schedules, just like a work day would be. We might sense that we need rest, but we can respond in one of many ways:

- You might be dismissive – that you do not need to rest. So you push through your tasks just like you would at work

- You might feel guilty because someone or something else needs your presence more than you do

- Or you might not feel you deserve to rest – if you have not expended enough energy or done enough during the week, you might try to compensate for it through busyness on your days off

Whatever the case might be, please do this exploration without judgement. Just be curious about how you relate to the subject of rest!


I support professionals and entrepreneurs enjoy the work they love and also have energy for the people and things that matter.


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