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Bold, big dreams

It was wonderful to return to Tango in Spitalfields this summer after a long break.

Learning to dance the Argentine tango back in 2009 changed my physicality, and pretty much my life.

Not from the training, because women are not normally taught steps as such. Followers spend up to three years learning to walk with elegance, tuning in to the music, and being led by the leader.

For me that meant not caring about how awful I looked on the dance floor during that entire time.

Perhaps this was made easy by dancing with my eyes closed. Nevertheless, my confidence came from leaning into the pull of my goal, rather than resisting the discomfort of how others would perceive me.

That boldness paved the way for a career change, an eventual move to London, and the emergence of the person I am today.

What big, bold dream are you being pulled towards currently? And can I support you in building the confidence to reach for it - if yes, let’s have a brief conversation.


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