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Confidence quite often comes from feeling that you have acquired a competency.

Going into a new project or promotion or business venture, you might not be equipped with the confidence you need right at the outset.

Most of the time you trust in the fact that you can make things happen, simply because you trust yourself to stay the course until you find a way.

But sometimes, especially when the stakes are high you can struggle with that self-trust.

Which makes you doubt every single move you make.

Maybe it is your inner critic that is picking apart how you handled something at work.

Or that you replay certain events or conversations in your mind, looking for flaws in how you handled them.

These things do little to lead you to the confidence you seek.

What you need is to actually step back.

Make it a little less about you, but about your mission.

Which means that you are less focused on fixing your perceived shortcomings.

And then you can breathe easy.

The answers come. You find your way. The confidence slowly builds.

But it is not always easy to get there on your own.

I help female leaders like you take that step back, lean into their innate abilities and feel confident again about just how much they can accomplish.

Shall we have a conversation about working together?


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