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If you are waiting for confidence before applying for that dream job or promotion, then this message is for you.

The confidence will come from doing - from being in that role and navigating the growth edges that come with it.

Right now you are actually waiting for inner permission to go after the job or title that you really want.

But the catch is that you don't have a guarantee how things will turn out or how you will cope with the change.

So instead of being focussed on your goal, your mind is busy analysing how and why you might not succeed.

End result? Lack of confidence.

For anyone looking to get out of this endless loop, I will be sharing a useful exercise to help you with this on Monday's Women's Circle on Shapeshifting. You can book your place here:

Women's Circle | Ishoo Rajamohan Coaching

Mon 26 Feb | 6PM UK | 1PM EST


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