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Letting them fall away..

I have been largely absent here over the past few weeks, and with good reason. Preparing for my coaching accreditation has taken priority; I have allowed that energy of delivering an outcome to take over, without resistance.

Which means that I have had to allow some things to fall away.

Not the vital things like self-care.

But unwanted distractions, needless processes, musts-and-shoulds, and rules I had made up around how my work gets done.

They will not return to my life when my calendar opens up once again in the new year.

Their place will be taken by systems helping me work more effectively the next time life gets busy.

If you are in a similar place - rounding off projects and tasks before the end of the year - I invite you to observe the things that are naturally falling away.

Are they worth keeping?

Are there consequences to not keeping them?

No action to take in this moment necessarily, but at least you get an idea of how you can streamline your work.

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