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More time might not be the answer

Most people who need a better work life balance assume that the answer is in finding more time.

But creating more time for yourself might not a possibility for you right now. Maybe your work just takes as long as it takes. Or you have other commitments that need your attention.

If that is your reality, then one thing should be your focus: improving the quality of your presence.

Presence is simply about fully inhabiting each moment available to you.

It helps you be more effective at work, especially when you have numerous tasks to get through each day. It allows you to enjoy richer relationships with loved ones, even when you might not get to spend enough time with them.

Most importantly, it enables you to fully relax in your limited free time, without letting stress and overwhelm take over.

If these are things that you want to experience, I invite you to reach out, so we can explore what is getting in the way of your presence.


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