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Needing to look the part

I have worked most of my career in male-dominated industries, and have experienced first-hand the added pressure that women feel to have all the answers, to get it all right, to look the part.

No doubt there are numerous systemic issues that bring about this, but then there is also the pressure that we put on ourselves.

My job in a coaching session is to hold a space for you to be human: dreading a difficult conversation, worrying about how you handled that last meeting, uncertain about whether you can really do justice the project you fought so hard to get.

Because only when you take the time for fears, disappointments and doubts to be aired, can you make way for other possibilities and your potential to emerge.

And with that, a better way to run a project or approach your relationship with your team.

I am looking to coach six women over the next few months, helping them attain their goals and expand into their full potential. The programme is now open for enrolment.

Next steps: book a confidential Zoom call with me before Sunday the 15th of October.


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