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When it hits closer to home

As a female leader, your confidence has no doubt taken a few knocks on your journey to getting where you are currently. You could easily teach others a thing or two about resilience.

But sometimes those one of those setbacks hits closer to home. Before you know it, the dominoes start falling and your confidence unravels. Everything that goes wrong makes you question your competence or even your identity.

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard in coaching conversations, “My confidence has really taken a hit.”

Often the cause of this dynamic is related to that need to be resilient and carry on with your pursuit of your goals, no matter what.

Rather than addressing a vulnerability, it becomes easier to steel yourself and push through. But somewhere along the way that vulnerability seeks to be seen and heard before you move forward.

So I gently hold a space for you to work through this.

The process helps you see yourself in a new light.

Because more often than not, it is your perception about yourself that has impacted your confidence, more than the unpleasant thing that someone said, or the discomfort that an experience made you feel.

Are you ready to step back into your power?


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