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Women's Circle: last chance to book!

What would change for you if you could take more bold, decisive steps towards your career goal for this year? 

Obviously you might land the job, the project or the promotion you want. 

There is also the possibility that you might not, so you switch to Plan B, which might turn out to be the better outcome in the long run.

Can you see that the only possibility of failure comes from not taking decisive action?

And what causes that indecisiveness is not so much confidence, but a lack of clarity: you are weighing up options for your future based on who you are today.

Monday’s Women’s Circle session is for you if you want to apply for that job or promotion or pitch for a new project in 2024, but your own self-doubt keeps getting in the way, preventing you from taking the steps to make that happen.

Join me by booking your place here before the deadline on Sunday:

Women's Circle | Ishoo Rajamohan Coaching

Mon 26 Feb | 6PM UK | 1PM EST


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