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Past and future

Janus, the Roman god of beginnings, shows us how to approach the first month of the new year with pragmatism.

The two-headed figure reminds us to look back at who we were just a few weeks ago in December, and not just at who we now want to be.

Lasting change comes from bridging the gap between the two, rather than just striding through January with huge amounts of resolve because it makes us feel like we have started 2024 right.

Because a goal or resolution is never an end in itself, but about who you become in the process of achieving it.

And this is where coaching can help greatly, because it creates that space for you to explore new ways of being and of seeing yourself.

If you are a female leader with ambitions to take the next big step in your career this year, let’s have a conversation about how I can support you as your coach:


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